Come in and welcome! Here in The Story Folder you’ll find a collection of stories and ideas, occasionally bent into shape around rhyme and meter.

Welcome to the story folder, welcome to my lair,
Look both ways then cross the street — come, hurry up the stairs.
Like or loathe, react or don’t, demand of me, “But why?”
And welcome all the same, dear friends; herein my stories lie.

Feel free to archive and share, to beg or borrow, but not to steal. The reason I provide content for free is because I’m paid in word-of-mouth marketing, in the hopes that it will someday make my attempts to sell novel-length work an easier job.

The other reason is less mercenary. I write to tell stories to people. To make you feel for imaginary characters and their lives, to laugh or cry or to want to take an axe to the bad guys. Writing – a lonely job when you’re at it – breathes life into ideas, but stories ultimately live through the telling of them. So come, enter, and read.

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