For Blood and Money

Today I post for my brother’s sake, who tells me that he’s tired of looking over his shoulder at work when he checks my website, afraid that his coworkers are going to think that he’s into male underwear models. Of course, he had the audacity to keep referring to Tom Welling as Tom Wellington while he explained this to me, so here’s something to really get people talking behind his back:

Proof of my slow progression into insanity.

And with that taken care of, on to business. This post, despite its unpromising start, is actually an update for my art portfolio. Awhile back my other brother (the in-law, foisted upon me nearly eight years ago through my sister’s marriage) commissioned me to draw illustrations for his book. Yes, my brother-in-law beat me to it. He’s chosen to self-publish, so I’ll be grudgingly announcing his dystopian novel some time in the near future, once he’s done with the last few editing run-throughs. Worse, he’s threatening to finish another one. I have, in fact, promised to murder him if he writes a second novel while I’m still not done putting off my first. Rumor has it that he plans to finish within the month, which gives me a couple weeks to try and beat him to it. I don’t like my chances.

While I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to do the job (strangulation is on the list, though I suspect it would be easier to just smother him in his sleep), let these illustrations distract you. Fair warning: there are very strong horror and gory action elements to his novel, and the pictures indicate as such. My brother-in-law actually paid real live money for them, which is pretty exciting to someone who rarely makes, you know, real live money for any of the freelance things she does yet.


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7 Responses to For Blood and Money

  1. Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

    So sorry to call your actor/underwear model boyfriend by the wrong last name. I don’t really feel all that bad for not knowing the correct name. Hooray for me, I guess. 😛

    • A L Schultz says:

      Don’t lie to me; I know you’re secretly ashamed. And also totally impressed by my photoshop skills, amirite?

      • Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

        The color mixing around the edges is the best. I couldn’t even tell it was photoshopped until you told me! 😉

        • A L Schultz says:

          I know, right? Hahaha, I considered using the spray-paint brush to try and blend it a little more effectively, but I’d already spent over an hour on the ridiculous thing and I couldn’t justify another minute on it.

          • Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

            Ah, nothing like spending inordinate amounts of time trying to make something for a stupid joke. It’s a good thing I’ve never done anything like that before…

  2. The Sister says:

    You guys are so weird, in case you were wondering.

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