The Annual Round of Christmas Art

This year’s Christmas gift(s), broken into pieces across each family unit–save for Mom and Dad, who got an original of them with the grandkids and then a copy of all four together, laid out like so. (As an aside, I stole their 11×14 frame from the wall, which was housing last year’s version of this annual present, so that I had something to wrap it in. The best part? They never noticed that it was gone, even though we didn’t end up exchanging gifts until three days later.) Here’s the progression of the drawings from sketches through inks to color, and the closest I’ll ever get to livestreaming my process:

The inked version of the set were photographed separately, which is why each photo looks like it was taken in slightly different lighting. I swear I put it in the same place on the carpet, but either I work very slow or the sun moves very fast. Or the camera in my phone makes arbitrary decisions about how it feels about the lighting at a particular moment. (Oh yeah, and I started coloring the inks before I realized that it would be prudent to keep a copy of the black-and-white in case I lost my mind and just totally muffed something up in the coloring process. This year’s coloring tools featured Twistable Colored Pencils from Crayola, because that’s how the real artists roll.)

Word Count Report: Pine&Meyer, 971

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