I promised my editor an update today, so here it is: hello.

Alas, I wanted to have something much better to post today, but this will have to do. In my (dubious) defense, life has been crazy – in a very good way, but crazy nonetheless. I’m part of my local theater’s “A Christmas Carol” which has been running every weekend this past month. We have two more shows left (tonight and tomorrow) and I have no idea what I’m going to do with my free-time once I have some. Write chapter three of Small Town? Answer some of my brother’s snarky comments? Write a novel and become an overnight success? Time will tell.

Actually, since I have nothing remotely interesting to say, here’s a related project that’s been keeping me busy the past week:

This is a gift for all my cast mates, plus a handful of the crew. Hopefully none of them watch me on The Story Folder *takes a moment to weep* or, uh, surprise? You’ll get your copy tomorrow.

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