Smile for the Camera, Goobs

I have, still mostly in my head, a storyline expounding on “We Are Amazing,” except with different names and a much better understanding of who exactly the “We” are. I’m a sucker for stories about lonely people, so it’s my self-declared challenge to give in and 1.) write about a boy essentially orphaned by the divorce of his parents, but 2.) from the perspective of his idiotically happy dog. I typed up some of their story in Microsoft Word one night and, though I liked what I wrote, I knew immediately that the short string of scenes were useless to me; at least for the longer story. Instead of privately purging them from my system, here’s a public and mostly context-less piece of something that will be fleshed out quite differently on the same bat-channel, some other bat-time.

Fair warning: my intention wasn’t to feel out their characters or any similarly useful purpose. I wrote this to make myself sad.

Smell Ya Later, Goobs!

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3 Responses to Smile for the Camera, Goobs

  1. Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

    Well, you could have left your sadness to yourself! 😛

    I guess that’s writing. Making me get all sad for a boy and his dog that don’t actually exist. Good work, good writing. Would read again. In fact, probably will.

    • Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

      Seriously. Why do I have to feel so sad…

      • A L Schultz says:

        Poor IT Guy! At least I know I can hit someone in the emotional gut. That’s something to write home about, yes?

        Actually, I normally don’t like leaving people sad by the end of a story, but I wanted to squeeze some usefulness out of this discarded nonsense. So sorry! 🙂

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