A Lost Half a Minute of My Life

Two more items of incredible interest today:

  1. I drop-kicked Microsoft Word from my laptop. I was using a copy from my work (with their blessing), but the other day it locked me out of my own documents, claiming that the product was unlicensed. In fact, I suspect that Office365 didn’t like the fact that I hadn’t signed in via the internet for two months, and since I’m on a I-hate-Microsoft-kick and I really can’t stand their new grammar editing suggestions that go along with spellcheck (since when does my word processor think it can think for me? I’m writing dialogue, you piece of crap, of course it’s off grammatically). So I’m trying out WordPad. And yes, I know, still Microsoft–but subscription-free Microsoft. Beggars often try to be choosers despite the helpful idiom, but I’ll do my best to take what I get without complaint anyways.
    1. (You will probably hear me complaining about this later.)
  2. Watched an old lady kick a bunch of ice cubes under a soda fountain the other day. She wasn’t very fast, unfortunately (that’s where I lost that half minute), but I realized as I stood silently out of her peripheral vision, that she had no idea I’d crept up behind her and was waiting for my turn to fill up on pop. There was no way for me to assist without startling her into dropping the entire cup of ice and just compounding the issue.
  3. Oh, but I guess three items: writing report finds half a page added to “The King and the Lionheart” yesterday, and a bunch of little things spread out over three different stories this evening. I need to start focusing.
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2 Responses to A Lost Half a Minute of My Life

  1. Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

    You could try picking up an older version of Word, or try LibreOffice (an open source word processor), if you want something a little more fully functional than Wordpad. Either way, shouldn’t matter too much. Just keep in mind the format you’re saving in. Some formats are liked less than others when you try and transfer them between different programs.
    Also – feels like I’m living up to my name on here with this comment. 😉

    • A.L. Schultz says:

      I did look into LibreOffice (and I actually have an older version of Word, but it’s no longer supported so I can’t download it anymore even though I have a product key), but have decided to try out the WordPad for awhile first, especially since the computer I’m using it on is really supposed to be specifically for drafts. I still have Microsoft Word on my main desktop, so I can copy/paste the text over.
      And yes you are–appreciated :).

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