A lot and a lot

I am sorry to say that the following story does not have a title. It does, however, require some context: Foxy was the name of a raccoon stuffed animal living in my bedroom when I was seven. He wore a bandit’s mask (a red one that could be pulled over his natural markings) with a small red bag sewed to his hand, and was such a cool dude that I wrote a story about him in the first grade. Grammar and speling [sic] as written.

foxy is one of my favorite animal. He is the best. I like Him a lot and a lot. foxy takes a walk. He has lots of fun. And he sees a bird fly by.

Foxy saw a big big flower and when foxy saw the flower He felt glad. And then He saw a beautiful butterfly. but he saw a cat and then the cat ran after foxy and foxy began to cry.

then foxy lost the cat and Foxy was glad. But not for long a dog came and chased Foxy. And Foxy cryd.

And then He lost the dog. And Foxy was glad for good.

And then foxy ran into another raccoon. It was a girl raccoon. Foxy fel in love with her.

And they married

The End

And that is my story of Foxy.

And oh my goodness, you really can find anything on Google:

From: www.pinterest.com/pin/502010689707813043

“racoon stuffed animal red bandit mask” in the search bar did the trick. I am also just realizing now that he was not a thief like I thought but a Valentine’s Day gift repurposed by my mother for my February birthday; my cake decorations often featured red hearts, now that I think back.  As to the writing report: Pine&Meyer, again, because it’s always Pine&Meyer these days. Persistence pays the piper eventually.

And yes, I did spell raccoon incorrectly when I was searching for my old buddy.

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2 Responses to A lot and a lot

  1. Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

    That story brought me to tears. It just hits on so many levels.

    • A.L. Schultz says:

      An emotional rollercoaster from beginning to end. Will Foxy be chased by another animal? Will he deal with his problems in an adult-like manner? NO! Foxy will cry and then get married, ending like all the truly great Classics do.

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