Copyright Violation

Somewhere on my blog is a tagline that reads: “A folder of ideas, stories, ramblings, and rhymes”. I am, however, beginning to realize that the tagline should read, in its entirety and in all caps: RAMBLINGS.

Also: I’m back, kids. I don’t know yet what that means for my post schedule, but time—as always—will tell. While on the plane between work conferences, I filled out a couple of pages worth of notes for a quarter-baked story I’m hoping to throw into a cake pan later this month, but time will only tell that too. In the meantime, I could scalp some of my other projects to fill out this post, but as they deserve full development, I’ll fight off the temptation this time. Save for this set of lines, which will someday serve as the synopsis on the back of a book:

“What’s the ‘E’ stand for in ‘E-Team’?”

Standish crossed his arms. “Evil. Obviously.” The hello, duh was implied.

“Let’s be honest here,” Hench added without looking up from the paper. “It certainly doesn’t stand for ‘exceeds expectations.’”

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6 Responses to Copyright Violation

  1. Mark my words says:

    Readers orbit your blog-o-sphere. You write. We react. I’da led with “Back in the Saddle Again.” Autrey. Not Aerosmith.

    • A.L. Schultz says:

      I actually seriously considered that one, but then I remembered I’d already used that reference! So I had to pick a different one.

  2. Mark my words says:

    Nod to Ms. Grafton.
    E is for Exasperating.

  3. Mark my words says:

    Ah. I’ve come to The Story Folder late, and I’m unfamiliar with your prior ramblings.

    Here’s one from Edna St. Vincent Millay.

    Cruel of heart, lay down my song,
    Your reading eyes have done me wrong,
    Not for you was the pen bitten,
    And the mind wrung, and the song written.

    Ramble On.

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