I am officially¬†into¬†my thirties. For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook (i.e. everyone I’m related to by blood; I can count on a few likes from the in-laws, so at least my newer siblings know how to fake interest), I’ve been busy all day posting about the fact that I’m 31. Happy birthday to me!

That’s right. I am using my blog to talk about my personal life because I have nothing more substantial to post. Hopefully, the obfuscation will keep anyone from noticing that I haven’t produced any creative content lately. I’ve done story-boards for my picture book (coming out this Spring, and, yes, that is purposefully vague), but otherwise spent the last three weeks playing Nancy Drew point-and-click adventure games. I’m pretty much the world’s best detective at this point.

This was my other Facebook upload for the day:

If nothing else, at least I have my dignity.

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2 Responses to *GASP*

  1. Warren Frank says:

    Well, Happy Birthday!! I like the Butterfingers and Almond Joy.

    • Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

      And me, I like those Starbursts bests. Of course I’ve always had more of a hankering for sugary sweets, than chocolaty sweets.

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