My excuse, ladies and gentleman

I owe you guys a followup from my last blog post, but I’ll get to that another day. For now, here’s my excuse for not working on Pine & Meyer:

I created this book cover for Linda Young, whom I “met” (online) through my brother-in-law. “Letters of Commentary to Fellow Believers on the Epistle to the Romans” by Dr. Carl Manthey Zorn, Lutheran pastor and theologian, is a series of letters written for a lay-audience on the book of Romans. Originally written in German, Linda Young’s father, LCMS pastor Richard A. Riess (credited on the cover) took on the job of translating these letters as a personal project following his retirement. Rev. Riess has since been called home to his Lord, so Linda took on the task of making sure that her father’s work saw the light of day.

The handwritten notes on the front of the cover are all his. “He literally wrote and re-wrote the translation in longhand,” Linda wrote to me in an email, speaking of her father, “most of it on legal-sized yellow sheets, using both sides and often the margins, too! (He believed in using every inch of the paper.) It carries the idea of ‘letters’ forward, too, which is key in the title and the book itself.”

You can purchase a paperback copy here:


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  1. Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

    Looks great! Good work.

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