I have a brutally ruthless headache tonight. I know exactly where it came from too: I played soccer after work and absolutely knew going in that I was going to get one because I hadn’t drunk enough water beforehand. Normally on soccer days I circumvent my camel-like tendencies and drink water throughout the afternoon, but in a series of unfortunate events mostly out of my control, this did not happen. I forgot my water bottle at home, but no big deal; I can drink from the water fountain at work. The water, naturally, is then shut down in my entire office building for the rest of the afternoon while maintenance works on fixing a leak. Then soccer, as it turns out, has been shifted from the gym to the outdoors. The weather really is gorgeous, but we abandon the water fountain inside the gym and I have nothing to drink during breaks.

Looking at this list I could have worked around all of these obstacles–not forgotten the water bottle, gone to a different office building for water, asked to drink from someone else’s water bottle on the field–but headaches are really only brutal when you have them. So it didn’t seem like a big enough deal at the time.

Oh, and I also hopped a fence and tore up my hand in the process, but as I am now rocking an only slightly off-center stigmata on my left hand (in the season of Lent no less): totally worth it.

Final also: sorry for the whining. I almost skipped the post tonight, knowing exactly the caliber of content, but as I skipped every previous night for the past week, here we are. And really, if you’re going to hurt yourself, the main consolation prize is getting to boast about it. So ow.

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2 Responses to Ow

  1. Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

    Good times. Nothing like procrastinating things for your health. This is will be how our family ends up overweight (if we actually ate less like birds). 😉
    Also… ouch.

    • A.L. Schultz says:

      Ha! Mom and I were having a discussion about that the other day–the upsides of not having a large appetite. We’re apparently all on the same wave length these days.

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