I’m in a pretty good mood right now, preening from the satisfaction of having actually sat down for more than fifteen minutes at a quarter after midnight to get my daily dose of fiction writing in.  I’ve finally admitted to myself that, as soon as I kick off my shoes and crawl up the spiral staircase to my loft office (loftice?), I become mentally unhinged from work and end up vegging out in front of YouTube—no matter how many times I calmly and rationally explain to myself that it’s a waste of time. This evening, I chopped the cycle off at its knees, stopping by the library after work to spend an hour and half with my child-friendly laptop.*

The other decision I came to before plotting my way over to the library was to use the time to focus solely on Pine&Meyer, rather than fartin’ around with 800 other vastly more interesting stories. I’m at that point in the novella where I don’t even like it anymore, which is incentive enough to make myself get it done anyways. This was an excellent plan, save that I forgot my latest version of the story on my apartment desktop.

However, instead of using the excuse to give up and go home, I managed to focus anyways, working only on the florists (whose story, as a point of interest, has nothing to do with flowers). Chalk me up for a couple thousand words on “The Florists,” Boonder, and about thirty more on “Pine&Meyer” from the night before.

Finally, as an aside to both IT Guy and my editor: right after an indoor soccer game last night (knees raw and scraped, and still amused by a guy on the other team snappishly yelling at his own teammate mid-defensive-showdown, “She’s a girl, Brandon!”), one of my teammates turned to me and asked, appraisingly, “You grow up with brothers?”

“One,” I said, holding a finger up to demonstrate. (Why I felt the need to illustrate the point is beyond me.**) “And a sister. But we all played pretty aggressively growing up.”

Team Schultz, REPRESENT.

*No, seriously. This is my laptop:

Image yoinked from

The only other color option is purple, and many of the reviews assure me that’s its perfect for their fourth-grader. Which also explains why it came automatically installed with Windows 10-S, the closest an operating system will ever come to being a literal baby gate. After a lot of enraged yelling, I figured out how to destroy that noise, feeling like the Genghis Khan of computers.

**Perhaps Mr. Bimble told me to.

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  1. Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

    Eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! 😛
    Love it.

  2. A.L. Schultz says:

    via GIPHY

    Searched giphy for “eyyy” and they did not let me down.

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