RUMOR HAS IT (rumor has it) RUMOR HAS IT

Rumor has it that I’m fast approaching full capacity for my media files. And by rumor, I mean my friendly neighborhood IT Guy emailed me and told me to stop uploading pictures until he can figure out how to cut down on how much space each file is hogging. As such, I’m taking a break from uploading poetry (which I always upload as jpeg files), and instead found this absolutely absurd piece of absurdity while scouring my old files:

Thursday Night Poker with the Gallant and Charming


I never thought I’d actually upload fanfiction on this website but alas, I’ve put my foot in it now. In more endearing terms it’s an homage to four of the original Disney princes, and you can absolutely tell that Prince Phillip is my favorite.* (Andย noย carrots.)

Even better, they don’t play a lick of poker during their poker game. They sit around holding cards in their hands and talking, because apparently to my twenty-year-old brain it was manlier to pretend they were playing a game than to just admit that they’re sitting around gabbing like teenage girls. While I cleaned the story up a little bit this morning, I did not bother to put in any references to an actual attempt at playing, because that sounds a lot like work. Enjoy this for what it is.

*The Beast is out. First of all he’s a king, second of all he looks like a namby pamby as soon as he transforms back into a human being. Actually, he’s a fantastic co-protagonist with a well-developed personality and character arc, and as such he didn’t qualify for this tribute.

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8 Responses to RUMOR HAS IT (rumor has it) RUMOR HAS IT

  1. Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

    Hey now, I just told you we needed to be careful until we did some work. I never gave the hard “stop!” ๐Ÿ˜›

    Also, you obviously know the Disney Princes way better than me. That was hard to follow who was who. I also haven’t seen those movies in quite a while, though, so maybe that’s part of it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • A.L. Schultz says:

      What?! You’re not familiar with all the details of the Disney princes? For shame. Sorry to have lost you on this one :).

  2. The Sister says:

    Actually, the Beast is called a prince in the movie. I should know, the music is still on repeat at my house. Not to be annoying or anything.

    • A.L. Schultz says:

      My mistake! I should’ve checked with the expert :). Still seems strange – shouldn’t he be the king? There isn’t anyone else rolling around the castle that could rule.

      • Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

        Something something patricide… because why not. He’s a beast, right?

        Also, this took me down the path of looking up fratricide (killing one’s brother or sister), patricide (killing one’s father), and of course what I was probably originally thinking about: regicide (killing the king). Ah, all the fun -cides. ๐Ÿ˜›

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