What’s that I hear in the background…?

Sometimes, when the coldest watches of the night creep with swift and stealthy silence towards midnight and I’m finally getting ready for bed, I’ll notice something weird on my wall; not abnormal weird, just a paint bubble in the wall or a crack in the ceiling sagging just slightly toward the floor. In the half-light I’ll reach toward it to see exactly what it is. And in that moment I’ll realize that the only thing thing that doesn’t make this the first kill in a horror movie is the lack of a musical cue.

But the idiots in a horror movie don’t hear the soundtrack either, do they? So I’ll quietly withdraw my hand without touching the abnormality — but natural-like, as though reaching out to touch it hadn’t ever been my intention — whistling cheerfully and defiantly into the crowding dark as I finish my evening toilette.

And, naturally, sleep with the covers over my head.

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2 Responses to What’s that I hear in the background…?

  1. Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

    Nothing like being over 30 years old and still sprinting up the stairs to get that door closed. At least it’s now only a sometimes thing.

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