Small Town Super Nobody

This is a story about two brothers, set in a world of superheroes and villains but taking place more immediately in Nowheresville, where nothing happens and no one goes anywhere. It is a story that pretends, very hard, to be about following your dreams when it is actually about choices.

  1. In Which a Boy Accidentally Has a Conversation About His Little Brother’s Options for the Future Instead of His Own
  2. In Which a Boy Receives the Confirmation He Wasn’t Looking For
  3. In Which a Boy Almost Has a Talk with his Dad
  4. In Which a Boy Breaks Up with His Off-Again-Off-Again Girlfriend for the Last Time
  5. Interlude: In Which Jeremiah Takes Charge
  6. In Which a Boy Tells a Story
  7. In Which a Young Man Has a Discussion About the Future

Chapter titles are self-descriptive, and each contains a “previous” and “next” button at the bottom of the page to ease navigation.

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