Another yearly redux

Merry Christmas Eve Day! It’s still dark where I am, but I can see the horizon starting to lighten into a more promising blue as we travel further into Montana. This half of the trip has been infinitely better than the first half, and if I didn’t have to go through Chicago to get here, I’d probably do it again.

I updated the art for “The Reason for the Season.” I always meant to have a real illustration around this poem, but it took Christmas coming around again to get me to do it. To read the full poem, go to

Merry Christmas Eve!

What’s the reason for the season? Why, you are, of course:

Based on a sermon my pastor preached last year. Also, I cheated entirely when “illustrating” this particular poem. All I did was rip a photo from* and then blacked out some of the background to make the words more readable. Now that the play is over my body has given up the ghost and I’m dealing with a pretty severe cold (runny nose, aches, chills, a cough that actually hurts). However, it was important to me that I post this on Christmas Eve, so a cheat this year it is.