Look Ma, I Only Wrote Half This Post

I would like to take this week-late blog update as an opportunity to explain my writing process. Here is a rather telling exchange between my web admin and me, inadvertently describing my work ethic:

SMS: Got a notice of a software update available for the wordpress instances we have installed. Do you do backups for everything you put on your site? This should be a safe update when I do it, but better to be safe than sorry, so thought I’d ask.

TSF: Actually, I don’t have everything backed up. Do you know if there’s a fast way to do this, or do you mean do I have a word document saved for each of my blog posts? Because I don’t, alas, having written most of them directly on the website, but I’ll get to work on that if you recommend it.

SMS: I’ll look into it to see about what is recommended for backing up wordpress posts and the like. Might not be a bad idea to have at least some form of backup for those, though.

TSF: I know – I’ve been thinking about backing these up for a few months now. Just putting it off to make the job bigger when I finally give in and get it done.

SMS: Haha, nothing like making a job harder as the quickest way to increase procrastination!

And then I said something extremely witty back to him, only I didn’t or I would have posted it here. For accuracy’s sake – but mostly because my web admin does read my blog – I’ll admit to truncating most of these messages for expediency’s sake.

(Also, is my first update in over a week a rehashing of a conversation I had with someone?)

(I should probably stop asking myself rhetorical questions.)