The Andrea Schultz Method of Untightening Prose

This is the biggest pie piece by far. For a scene that consists entirely of a conversation between two people, this chapter takes its sweet time about it. I’d edit it down, but then I’d have to cut out something, and what a tragedy that would be. When I revise a document I always end up with a higher word count than when I started.

6. In Which a Boy Tells a Story

The last and final chapter (and now that I read over that, let’s throw in a few more adjectives that mean the same thing: concluding, closing, end, and, my personal favorite from Microsoft Thesaurus’s options, ULTIMATE) will be up next Thursday. And by next Thursday I mean next Friday. I’d say next Friday, but then it would be up on Saturday. We are tricksy hobbitses who has to tricks our own selves into nasty update scheduleses.

(What were you doing? Sneaking.)