These are not the droids you’re looking for

This is not the post of creative worth I had hoped it would be. I’d say I’m in the middle of the project, but I never actually got around to starting it. I can, however, claim to have begun it on a technicality, since I’ve had this particular short story in my head forever and I have several pages of notes written on it.

(Yes, seriously, I write notes for short stories. Anyone have any guesses as to why it takes me so long to produce anything? Anyone? Bueller?*)

In fact, I’ve decided that I won’t be uploading anything of creative worth for awhile. I’ll be updating my blog just to prove to my two watchers that I’m still here (though even that’s more than a little unnecessary – I’m related to both of them, so I’m guessing they’d notice if I actually disappeared off the proverbial map before the lack of blog updates clued them in; good thing, or they would’ve suspected I was dead seven or eight times over by now), but I’m going to be focusing solely on one of my long projects. Yes, Boonder, that one.

And because this blog post feels way too short, here’s a little piece of a story I will almost certainly never write, pulled out of a document I have labeled “Random bits of this and that”:

When Jennifred Louise of the Fruisian Kingdom was eight, she fell madly in love with a horse with the unromantic name of Bluestock, which she promptly changed to Midnight Prince. When she’d grown out of that, she gave her hopelessly romantic heart to a knight whose face she had never seen. She was a very old twelve when she discovered that he had a rather unsightly mole on his upper lip, upon which she decided that she couldn’t love anyone at all. But on the eve of her fifteenth birthday, thirty minutes past bedtime and sneaking a peak at the guests, Jennifred Louise Fruisa the Thirteenth fell in love with Prince Rupert. For real and for good this time.

Which was a shame. Because when Rupert Tylan Dariles the Fourth had turned sixteen, he’d fallen madly in love with himself.

*It’s the prep time. Planning is so much easier than producing.