God Math

A day may come when I run out of rhymes to post on this website, when my stockpile of poems fails me and I have to write something new. But today is not that day!

One + One

Here’s another one dealing with what I call God math – when one + one doesn’t equal two. I wrote it for my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas a couple of years ago (apparently I need to do another round of poems for my family members, if I don’t actually want to run out of poems). I keep re-gifting it to my married friends because it deals with the Christian view of marriage, and the impossibility of the math involved.

Bear in mind that it is slightly inaccurate; I didn’t bother counting the slats of wood that make up their fence (though I did help stain them). Also, they have no curtains that are deft of fold, because their windows are covered by wood blinds instead. However, the idea of the poem is true, even if I drop-kicked some of the smaller details to make it fit my rhyming scheme. Close enough for government work.

Happy Friday! And have a good Memorial Day weekend!