Happy Day After Day After Father’s Day!

In celebration of this monumental day, I took the following picture on my way out of Havre:

The quality is as terrible as I was afraid it was going to be. I had to take it from farther away than I wanted, as there was too much traffic to turn around and get a closer angle on it without freaking out passing motorists. I’ll take another when I have the chance, but in the meantime be assured that it contains the following excellent advice:

Beat the Drum.
Not Family.

Have I mentioned lately that my dad’s awesome? Because my dad’s awesome. He doesn’t beat any drums, but he also doesn’t beat family, so he’s doing pretty well by all accounts. Also, he taught all of his children prudence in risk-taking by once taking me, It Guy, and The Sister on a death-defying hike when we were all in Elementary School. It remains, to this day, one of our favorite stories to bring up to Mom, mostly because she shudders and sends Dad the evil-eye, who actually does feel kind of guilty about this particular adventure. I can laugh, because when you’ve grown up with the dad I have, you grow up in the assurance that you’re always safe. It took me years to realize how exceptional that is.

(Also, my mom’s awesome too. I bring it up because I don’t think I gave her  proper homage following Mother’s Day. I love you both.)

Next post up on Friday. In the meantime I have an offer sitting in my unapproved comments for access to someone’s POWERFUL and PRIVATE web traffic system. I know it is POWERFUL and PRIVATE because they capitalize the words every time they use them. I’m definitely clicking on their link and taking advantage of this LIMITED TIME ONLY free trial. Be prepared for the sudden surge in spambots watchers.