A Public Acknowledgment of my Love Affair with Notebooks

Here, at long last, is another poem re-post. Formerly known by “Untitled,” I couldn’t take how incomplete that felt and finally created a title anyways, despite how appropriate “Untitled” was to the subject matter. Ah well. Nothing like fussing a piece of creative work to death.


Also, I created a video of me reciting it. I started a business page for The Storyfolder on Facebook, mostly because I’d like people to actually see my website, and right now all I can think of to do is throw things at the wall to see what will stick. A friend recommended that I make videos as an aspect of that, pointing out that even if people aren’t interested in a particular subject they’ll watch a short video of just about anything (ah yiss, the black-hole that is the internet strikes again). This is a marketing idea that may not last, but at least it’s worth a shot, if only because I actually like poetry recitations. I won’t say it’s a dying art, but it’s certainly not a common one anymore. It’s such an old – and consequently unoriginal – practice that it’s practically original again.

And the most important note of all: I felt enormously silly admitting that “Pen & Paper” was by me, but saying “[Poem Name] by [Author Here]” is still the best way to indicate where the title ends and the poems begins.

The first. Hopefully of many.

My first (and thus only) poem on this website can be found here. Originally I intended to add both poems and stories to the site as posts, but after several days of hair-tearing frustration, I gave up trying to make the pages and categories on WordPress do things they didn’t want to. Since I’m not willing to learn code, adding them as static pages will have to do. It’s a clunky way to set up a website (and won’t allow comments under the actual writing itself, so if you have anything to say it’ll have to go here), but there you go.

This is the one and only poem I have ever untitled. I always feel obligated to title the things I write – a carryover from elementary school, I think, when putting a title at the top and “the end” on the bottom meant I was done – but this one…well, this one fits. The other option was to call it “The Poem That Only Starts to Scratch the Surface of My Love Affair with Notebooks,” but that was nearly as long as the poem itself. I went with the shorter version.