Business update today because I couldn’t get my ten-speed into gear. I spent the weekend peddling around Youtube, watching Yugioh Abridged and wondering if this was the culmination of my life’s ambitions (ideally, no; in actual practice: yes).

I have known for some time that my website has been crying out for a revamp. While I like the clean look of the layout of my site’s organization on a desktop, the mobile experience looks like someone vomited a semester’s-worth of creative homework assignments into the navigation bar, put their hands up, and then walked away. I was able to ignore the problem – or at least keep it simmering far back in my mind, where I didn’t have to acknowledge it – right up until I finally joined my generation and got a smartphone.

Personally, I don’t like dealing with such a small screen. I can type 90+ words a minute on a keyboard, which makes my 3wpm thumb-pad typing not only inefficient, but painfully so. Of course, it wouldn’t be quite so bad if I wasn’t so ham-fisted. I have no idea how grown men use smartphones. I’ve got the hands of a child, but I can’t type “don’t” without thumb-mashing out the word “fpm’r” and counting on autocorrect to pick up my slack. Worse is when I accidentally okay “fpm’r” as a real word, and suddenly I’m spending half my screen time backspacing while gently talking the keys into doing what I want them to do, like the mother who just spotted their child holding an uncapped permanent marker.

But never mind all the complaining, I have to do something anyways. Unfortunately, I’m not entirely certain how to fix the problem. There’s the nightmarish prospect of changing static pages to posts while figuring out how to keep them pinned, trying to turn my home page back into my main blog without accidentally losing anything, and, oh yeah, I still need to go through my entire media file archive and exchange every single picture with smaller versions of the exact same file. Which will take ages, but even worse: all that work is a non-starter for a blog post. Nobody wants to hear me whine incessantly about work they don’t actually see. You may not even want to hear me complain about it now, but here I am.

I have some additional notes (I jot down ideas for blog topics as they come to me) about talking Facebook and evaluating the use of visuals as a marketing aspect of social media, but blegh. Apparently I also need batteries (last but not least on the list is literally “Also need batteries”), which is not the best way to make sure that I don’t forget something at the store.

Second to last note, on the other hand, is simply “which is unfortunate as I am very lazy.”

You know…that actually explains a lot.