Bertie Wooster Isn’t Sure About This Blog Post

Sometimes, life just hands you good timing. My Aunt and Uncle lent me the TV series “Jeeves & Wooster,” starring a young Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry (not pictured – this fellow is Bingo, who is actually more idiotic than Wooster, though you can’t tell from his earnestly piercing gaze). Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve spent my free time admiring Hugh Laurie’s perfectly executed buffoonery and cackling at Stephen Fry’s delightfully composed expressions of horror whenever Bertie or any of his friends commit crimes of fashion – like the atrocity of having little horse shoes on your tie, as you can see Bingo wearing above. I got a phone call in the middle of an episode, and had to commemorate my accidental – if excellent – use of the pause button. What ho, Jeeves!

(Real blog post coming in the next couple of days. This is just to tide my editor over.)