7 Responses to Abandon All Hope

  1. The Sister says:

    You finished a story… it can be done. 🙂 also, random note: I did not get an email that there was a new post this time. It’s been working recently, just not this time. Good thing I stalk your website.

    • A.L. Schultz says:

      I was afraid of that. My email tells me when it sends out the subscription email and I didn’t see it go out last night. It just randomly chooses not to. I’m not sure why, which means I’m not sure what to do about it. But I’m glad you stalked my website and saw it anyways!

  2. Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

    The Sister managed a post before me!
    But I will mirror her sentiment. A finished story! It’s a Christmas miracle!
    Also, I’ll need to read that again when I have more time (as the middle got me a little jumbled up), but I enjoyed it. Thanks!

    • A.L. Schultz says:

      And yeah, jumbled middles is definitely the other major reason not to upload half finished stories again. I hate to lose people right in the throes of the mid chapters.

      • Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

        To clarify, I was tracking across everything, just got jumbled a bit in the middle of this last chapter (as all the action was going on). Like I said – I want to reread it again and see how it goes.

        • A.L. Schultz says:

          Whoops! Well that’s not a good sign either hahaha. Ah well–if you catch any mistakes, let me know. Normally I wait a day between writing and uploading (or lately I have been) so that I can do one last re-read, but I wanted to get this one up and out of my hair. And to meet my promises.

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