This Is an Excellent Use of My Time

Took a break the last two days to try and knock out the poem I meant to finish in time for last Halloween. So you can see how well I stay on top of my goals.

There’s still a couple of lines that need writing (the sentiment is there in the form of a long, rambling sentence, but the last couplet isn’t in its final form) and I’d like to try and do a scribble-style drawing to spruce up the uploaded version as well. So basically: not ready yet. At this point I’m torn on whether I share it as soon as it’s done or wait until Halloween of next year. Which would–bonus–mean I’m way ahead of the game instead of way behind it.

Regardless, the real reason I haven’t hit up Pine&Meyer for the last two nights isn’t so much a delay tactic as an attest to my laziness. The most recently updated version of chapter 7 is on my child/work laptop rather than my desktop, which I keep abandoning on my downstairs couch while I’m lording it over the rest of my apartment in my loftice. Way too far away. Cue absurd, creepy Halloween poetry instead. Someone explain to me where all this poorly conceived horror is coming from.

Also, this blog post is kind of silly and pointless. But I’m not going to go back and edit this nonsense more than the four times I already have because I spend way too much time fussing with these.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Does it make sense to spend copious amounts of time editing blog posts for my blog when I should be writing my novel? I don’t know, guys, I probably wouldn’t be using the time to write a novel anyways. Except it still takes up creative energy, which is a really pretentious way to say I get tired by the end of the night. Because there’s a novel concept, unknown across universal human experience.
Oh you.

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3 Responses to This Is an Excellent Use of My Time

  1. Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

    Have you written anything yet?

    • A.L. Schultz says:

      Working on the poetry counted as my writing for those two days. If you mean the story: yes. Indeed.

  2. Warren Frank says:

    I not sure about lazy, maybe just not hungry.

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