Small Town Super Delay Tactic

Do you remember when I promised that I wouldn’t be uploading anything of creative worth for a while? I don’t. Here is part one of six in a long short-story (are there any other kind?).

Here is the title page:

Small Town Super Nobody

And here is the first chapter:

1. In Which a Boy Accidentally Has a Discussion About His Little Brother’s Options for the Future Instead of His Own

In a shocking twist, I was attempting to focus on my novel last night and I accidentally (but finally, I’ll have you know – this has been in my head for a very long time) wrote the first part of this long short story. Frankly, I should’ve waited until all six parts were done (the sections don’t particularly lend themselves to great cliffhangers, which isn’t the best way to create enthusiasm for a story posted online), but each section is likely to be a couple thousand words long and it feels good to post something fresh off the Surface Pro typing pad.

Some points of interest: first, since I’m uploading it piecemeal each section will be subtitled for ease of navigation. Part one is “In Which a Boy Accidentally Discusses his Little Brother’s Options for the Future Instead of his Own.” Second, the overarching story takes place in a world I plan to explore in a much more ambitious project I’ll tackle in the new year. This particular tale is a much quieter piece in that world, a series of six conversations that cover a pivotal moment in the childhood of a couple of my side characters for the longer project. They’re not important enough in the series for me to take the time to explain how and why they’ve become who they are, but I’ve always liked these boys and a website is a great place to play with the kids I otherwise neglect.

There are other sources of inspiration for this idea (not least of which is my love for Superman – but we’ll get to that later), though I’ll wait to explain myself until the whole shooting match is over. Until then, updates will go up on a weekly basis.

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5 Responses to Small Town Super Delay Tactic

  1. Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

    The fact that parts 2-5 aren’t even written are the REAL cliffhanger!

    • A Schultz says:

      Oh shush, you. Friday and Saturday are still a part of the week, so I officially have two days to get this updated for it to still count as a weekly update.

      • Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

        The fact that parts 2-5 aren’t even written are the REAL cliffhanger!


        • A Schultz says:

          I have 968 words of part 2 written, and it’s currently 1:45 am while I sit here in the University library realizing that I have to be up at 8 tomorrow morning. Does that win me any points?

          *sighs* No, I don’t suppose it does. See Andrea. See Andrea run. See Andrea do the runaround on her update schedule.

          • Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

            Haha, no big deal. At least you haven’t copy and pasted a mistake! (Parts 2-6.) 😉

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