A Run on the Poetry Bank

By “Real update on Tuesday,” I obviously meant “Wednesday,” and I was about to then explain that by “I’ll be back to my regular two-updates-a-week schedule next week” I clearly meant the week after, except I checked last week’s post and I’d promised no such thing. Apparently I was anticipating my own whims.

In unrelated news, I’ll be back to my regular two-updates-a-week schedule next week. In news related to this unrelated piece of information, I’m also planning on finally hitting up all of the poetry that’s sitting on my hard drive. I’ll post an illustrated poem a week until I’ve emptied the “Poetry” file on my computer, which is also a good excuse to keep up with my drawing while I’m taking a break from illustrating my next picture book.

As such, here’s the real update, as promised (though perhaps at a slightly different bat-time):

The Adventures of Bawkie and Da-Ding

Click on the link and it will take you to the closest thing I have to a nonsense poem. Mostly it’s fun to say out loud, which would explain why I’ve also made a video. Behold:

Actually, this is a part of my nefarious plan to try and get more watchers to the website. I’ll be posting the video on FaceBook, because I had a friend admit that she’ll sometimes watch a video about something she’s not even remotely interested in just because it’s a video. Don’t fail me now, internet.

So once more, with feeling: we’ll be back to our regular Monday/Thursday update schedule next week, where poetry will go up each Thursday, and Monday is my usual rambling about whatever.

(And by back to our regular schedule, I mean Monday/Thursday may actually = Tuesday/Friday, or possibly Monday/Saturday, or perhaps just Wednesday/only, because that’s how I roll.)

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