Flying Officer Irv Peterson Bites the Big One

My apologies for the radio silence. Excuses go like this: vacation. Cold virus.

I’m feeling much better and, as such, meant to have a decent post for today. Unfortunately, I spent most of the morning fumigating my house of germs and a large portion of the afternoon watching YouTube videos while supposedly working on my blog content for today, and as you can imagine that helped my work ethic enormously. As I did not manage to finish (and I’ve got ten minutes left before the librarian chases me from the premises), have this instead:


Real update on Tuesday.

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2 Responses to Flying Officer Irv Peterson Bites the Big One

  1. Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

    Flying officer Irv Peterson is wondering where the post is!

    Also, I really want to write out the cry, but can’t seem to come up with how to recreate it in text… buhHUUUaaa… maybe? 😛

    • A.L. Schultz says:

      I actually have this video saved as “DoHOOOOH” in my “MST3K clips” file, so that’s my attempt. Only now that I listen to it again, it really is more of a “buh” sound at the start. Hmm. This requires some research.

      (Also, Flying Officer Irv Peterson is not in a position to wonder anything at the moment, so I make no apologies to him. I do, however, owe my two watchers something better so, uh…sorry? Haha, update in a few minutes.)

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