A burbling gibber of jabber

I’m going to hit up the random thoughts I have tumbling around in my skull this evening. BecauseĀ content.

  1. Business update first. After sitting down at my computer to write yesterday, I spent three and some odd hours re-uploading content. My art portfolio is gone because I decided that that wasn’t what I wanted to showcase on my site. However, IĀ have reorganized all of my category labels and now if you click “art” on the main sidebar, you can view all of my blog posts with art in them.
  2. I’ve been sitting here for half an hour happy-crying over puppy surprise videos. I’m not entirely certain how I ended up on this side of YouTube again. Every time I think I’m over it, they pop back into my viewing cycle. In another two days I’ll be onto the pregnancy announcements, because for some reason it is actually really fun to enjoy other people’s joy.
  3. I’ve been working my way through a collection of HP Lovecraft stories during my lunch breaks (and now over supper – apparently I read while I eat), and there is absolutely nothing like having a Portal parody of the song “Dumb Ways to Die” going in the background to really destroy the atmosphere. Why no, Mr. Akely, there’s nothing suspicious about the sudden tonal change in your letters coupled with an invitation out to your farm in the middle of nowhere. I’ll be there on the 4 o’clock train with all the evidence of foulest play you mailed to me six months before. Be sure to send the outside beings of Yuggoth to meet me.
    1. Sincerely, Mr. Wilmarth of Arkham, Massachusettes
    2. Professor of Literature, Miskatonic University
    3. Amateur Folklorist
    4. Sucker
    5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SSdTXNK2mo
  4. This is now the best comment I’ve ever received in my life: “Conceive this internet internet site contains some rattling amazing information for every person.”
  5. There is no where else to go but down.
  6. Hmm.
  7. There were other things milling around my head, but they’re gone now. I should probably go write a story.
  8. A rattling amazing one.
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4 Responses to A burbling gibber of jabber

  1. Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

    But “is it contains in the internet internet?”

    • A.L. Schultz says:

      It might not not. Anways, I just had another helpful commenter note that he thinks my website needs some fresh content. However, since – as he also notes – writing manually takes a long time, I can search for a tool to complete this time-consuming task.

      • Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

        See, that’s your problem! You’re actually trying to write, when you could have had some tool do it all for you.

        Why aren’t we all billionaire writers by now?!

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