Weekend Writing Report

“On the Corner of Pine and Meyer,” 1,043 words. The word count for Friday and Saturday — originally I planned to write on Sundays as well, but my editor talked me out of it (“Even God rested, Andrea.”) — looks more abysmal than it felt. I tallied it by comparing the word count of the original draft to the newly edited one, so it doesn’t take into account all the deletions and the subsequent writing that made it up again.

And for now, that’s all she wrote.

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  1. Your Local Friendly IT Guy says:

    Hey, progress is progress.

    Also, what with the LotR talk in the last post – reminded me of something else I was supposed to tell you a while ago.

    I kept making references to something I needed to do and “today is not that day” for dealing with it. It was nothing special – there was a latex glove in the bottom of my outside trashcan that was stuck. And one day I finally made it unstuck so it would actually go out with the trash. And now you know. Something that was not really worth writing this all up. But at least you know.

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