The story behind today

I am so proud of myself for figuring out some of the basic features of WordPress that it’s actually embarrassing.

Honestly, the story behind today’s post starts out and ultimately ends on a boring note: after researching size reduction and media file plugins, I accidentally deleted every single image I have (had) on my website. For some reason I didn’t shed the tears over this like I should have; probably because I suspected, between all the hours of research into shortcutting this process, that I was going to have to delete and re-upload everything anyways. This just forced the issue.

So while I’m plugging away on my media storage back behind the curtain (I’ll be cleaning up files and re-uploading in short bursts; if there are still some images missing into November, they’ll be back before the new year), here’s my slightly more thrilling news: I’ve finally put an email subscription button on my site.

*Cue cheers*

My update schedule has gotten absurdly sporadic, and I don’t plan on hammering my self-control into a calendar-shaped rectangle anytime soon. While I still stick by my one-post-a-week guarantee, some weeks I do more as the spirit moves me and other times I just barely make a single update by Saturday night. So! That was the very long way to say: if you’re tired of manually checking the website (or don’t have an RSS feed), you can now sign up to receive an email every time I update the blog.

*Nero gives the gladiatorial contender the thumbs up; cheering increases*

The second half of my search yielded the amazing news that I can actually enable comments on specific pages – a WordPress component, as it turns out. Despite the fact that this took me nearly two years to figure it, it thrills me to my core. Now all of my stories and poems have a comment section at the bottom of their page. Only having comments on blog posts bugged me because it automatically disconnected people’s reactions from the thing they were reacting to, and inadvertently discouraged people other than my friendly neighborhood IT guy from commenting on the story and/or poem itself. Who in the world is going to bother when commenting is a multi-step process (again, besides my brother; thanks, bro!)?

Next up we have the beginnings of my re-design for the mobile experience. I’m working on switching around how the header menu looks on a smaller screen and blah blah blah nobody cares. Short version: it won’t do what I think I’m telling it to do, but I’ll save the sweet talk for another day.

Finally, we have more behind-the-scenes chicanery. I have 117 blog posts (including this one), and every single one of them needs to be bagged and tagged. Right now my search function is fabulously useless. If anyone wants to re-read a specific post, they’re better off going to Google and typing the name of my website plus whatever topic they’re looking for into the search bar.

Ugh, it’s officially Monday in this time zone. So, uh, ta-da. My weekly post.