Radio Blackout

All three of my watchers have now officially informed me that my post is late. And in every major form of communication too. Online, in-person, and over the phone. For the record, I actually started writing this blog post last Tuesday during my lunch break, but have had to dump it since then. Because I hate to trash content even when it’s useless, here’s the outdated start:

I can always tell when it’s been awhile between updates; my IT Guy feels morally obligated to comment on the last post. The Sister, unfortunately, never feels such qualms, so while the radio blackout on her end is ongoing I officially have no idea if her subscription to my email update list is working, or if she just thinks I haven’t written anything in half a month.

Waste not, want not.

Admittedly, my work ethic has taken a big hit since I’ve moved. This may have something to do with constant access to the internet. YouTube has become the soul-sucking friend in my social group, the one you hate to introduce to your parents because you know they’re going to pull you over to the side later and gently point out that he might be a bad influence. Every Sunday night I make plans to try out a new writing schedule (with the purpose of generating some real stories for the story folder), and every following Friday I tell myself I’ll have a chance to try again next week. I remain optimistic, if nothing else.

Also, I was prepared to announce a short hiatus for the rest of the month while I try out a new writing schedule for the fifth time, but I actually prepared Thanksgiving content a couple months ago — if you can believe it — which means I can take off the rest of the month without looking like I’m taking off the rest of the month. I’m actually for-real working on a project (that mostly doesn’t involve writing), so once I’m back I should have something to say about it. For now it’s just easier to pretend I’m not up to anything. That way, if I don’t make my self-imposed deadline, I get to remain privately unsuccessful.

Finally, for all the folks clamoring and teeming to buy copies of my books as Christmas presents, I’m considering running a sale on my books through the month of December. I’ll officially announce closer to the 1st. At the very least it will not be a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal, but only because I know myself well enough to realize that I will never do anything business-related during the holidays.