Small Town Super Super Slow Updates

I’ll keep this short, as I’ve delayed this far too long as it is. Part Two of Small Town Super Nobody is finally written. I had the hardest time writing this, for goodness knows what reason, but I finally did it because I was tired of feeling guilty. I also did some rearranging to make the story easier to navigate (I decided to create separate pages for each chapter), and I’ve updated my links in the last blog about this accordingly. Here’s chapter 2:

2. In Which a Boy Receives the Confirmation He Wasn’t Looking For

If, for some reason, you have not read chapter 1 yet, do so BEFORE reading this one. It can be found here:

1. In Which a Boy Accidentally Has a Discussion About His Little Brother’s Options for the Future Instead of His Own

If you’d simply like to admire the Title page (which isn’t really worth admiring at this point; hmm, maybe I should try illustrating something? Eh, we’ll see), you can go here:

Small Town Super Nobody

Did I just post the updates for my story backwards? Apparently I did.